THRIVE Co-Working is Coming to Chapel Hill

THRIVE, a Georgia based co-working organization, has begun to develop new locations across United States primarily in the southeast with a recent new investment. Chapel Hill is one of three future co-working locations in North Carolina anticipated to open mid-2023.

                As hybrid and fully remote work models remain a prominent choice for both employers and employees, co-working has emerged as an innovative solution to meeting new needs. These spaces are available for individuals and businesses to reserve and offer many features to their patrons. Co-working spaces provide employees a productive and collaborative environment without the need for a business to spend funds on a traditional office space. THRIVE Co-Working’s newly updated locations feature various types of workspaces from meeting, event, and shared spaces in addition to private office rooms. Their locations boost perks from high-speed internet and free parking to food service and printing amenities. THRIVE locations are also advertised as being open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In addition to be community focused networking spaces, THRIVE has developed their business model to include a philanthropic mission through use of their app. Each of their co-working spaces utilize a change-up program which allows patrons to round up their daily purchases and donate to local nonprofits and charitable initiatives.

                They are set to begin renovating their space at 505 W Franklin Street in Downtown Chapel Hill in the coming months. As they begin construction the THRIVE team is planning several community events to learn more about the needs of Chapel Hill businesses and residents. Their first event was hosted in their future space on October 27th, 2022, where attendees had the opportunity to meet the Co-Founder of THRIVE and three other team members. The design of the space remains malleable as the organization is open to adding or changing features based on prospective user feedback. Stay tuned for more events and updates on their Chapel Hill opening.



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