Orange County, NC is Launching SizeUp

SizeUp Orange County: A free online tool for local businesses at any stage of growth 

Orange County, NC will launch a new business intelligence program, SizeUp, starting in early February. The program connects local business owners with the data they need to improve decision-making, across industries. A business at any stage in development, from just an idea to location expansion, can benefit from this tool. The software program is completely free to use and county residents will have access through the county website to several different modules. 

What is SizeUp?

SizeUp is considered a Financial Technology (Fintech) service company, aimed at providing “big data for small business”. The data viewed by users through their software is a consolidation of public, private, and internal sources, including a proprietary projection method to keep data relevant. SizeUp’s clientele extends from municipalities on the local and county level to state departments and individual businesses. These organizations have the same goal for this software to better serve their business communities. The company was recognized with a 1st place win by the U.S. Department of Commerce in the Commerce Business Apps Challenge.

How can SizeUp Orange County help chapel hill businesses? 

Three SizeUp modules are accessible to anyone in Orange County: Local Business Intelligence, Small Business Advisor, and Shop Local. The last module is intended for use by the general public, whereas the first two modules are directed at small businesses or future business owners. Wherever someone may be in their journey as a small business owner, the program can provide information and guidance to help them reach their business goals.

The purpose of the Local Business Intelligence module is to connect small businesses to data that is specific to their geographical location and industry. Users can create competitive benchmarks for multiple performance indicators including employee compensation and yearly revenue. This module also can help users identify areas of importance such as the location of suppliers or where there is a high density of customers. The Local Business Intelligence tool can also assist with marketing and advertising. The program can identify the best locations to advertise based on industry and demographic characteristics. Whether you’re narrowing down locations for print or digital advertisement, the tool can improve a small business’s marketing strategy. Lastly, this module can create a demographic analysis, consumer spending reports, and display labor force characteristics. The second module, Small Business Advisor, provides information on 50 topics related to planning, starting, managing, and growing a business. There are varied content types from graphics and text information to video and interactive research tools to keep users engaged. The Shop Local module is a program designed for use by the general public, focused on making small businesses easier to locate. SizeUp provides a text list and geospatial mapping of local businesses by industry. Website visitors can click on a business name and display additional information about the company and links to the website and social media for the business.

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