Building a Better Way to Play and Enjoy the Outdoors

Rōmr is an exciting new platform that allows private property owners to open their land for public recreational use and connect with interested users. Rōmr makes it possible for users to explore off-the-beaten-path outdoor destinations and discover new spaces conducive to outdoor recreation within their own community. Users can rent properties that allow outdoor activities like camping, drone flying, hiking, and fishing without the crowds often found in public parks and trails and landowners have the ability to select the types of activities permissible on their land. 

Though not a direct Launch venture, Rōmr has deep roots in the Launch Chapel Hill program and community. Both Brian Gullette (Rōmr CEO) and Adriel Lubarsky are Launch alumni with different ventures. Gullette was in Launch Cohort 0, working on Turnsmith, a platform for manufacturer’s inventory management. Lubarsky was a member of Launch Cohort 5 as CEO of Morph, a company that matches delivery drivers with organizations that need them.

Gullette and Lubarsky were introduced by Ted Zoller, UNC professor and Launch Chapel Hill founder, in 2014. The inspiration for Rōmr came from one of Zoller’s eMBA courses as a way to break up hunting leases into smaller subsections. Since then, Gullette has left Turnsmith to lead Rōmr, and Lubarsky has scaled back Morph operations (though still in business, doing over 150 deliveries/week). Ted Zoller serves as Chairman of the Rōmr board and a co-founder. 

Rōmr’s flagship property in Chapel Hill is the 20 acre Charles R. Keith Arboretum. The most diverse arboretum in North America, it features over 4000 labeled species. It’s a beautiful place to hike, host events, or camp and features a trail that leads directly to Maple View Farms Ice Cream- a Chapel Hill classic!

Amenities vary depending on location and are clearly marked for each destination on the Rōmr website. Reserve a small lake, complete with zip line and 18 hole disc golf course, for a private family celebration or corporate event. Sign up for a passive use day pass and go trail running with your four legged friend off leash. All you have to do is ask. 

Additionally, this platform provides the added benefit of helping private landowners keep their land natural and beautiful; your use and enjoyment can help preserve open space by incentivizing landowners to improve their land for recreational value. Furthermore, users can co-design properties by suggesting new uses and volunteering to help build trails or other amenities for willing hosts, and earn credit for future outings. Rōmr’s online reservation system makes it as easy as going outside, give it a try today! 

Launch Chapel Hill is a start-up accelerator located in Downtown Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Twice a year they accept a new class of high-potential entrepreneurs who are committed to building their early-stage, high-potential businesses into self-sustaining enterprises. Launch provides the support, tools and knowledge needed to decrease risks, reduce go-to-market time, and accelerate the growth of start-up ventures.

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